A customized learning and development program. Four 20-minute segments every 30 days over 6–12 months. Tackle what gets in your way with the support and expertise of an executive coach.

four20/30 — For 6–12 months, four 20-minute segments every 30 days.


For you and those on your team

Invest in personal learning and professional development by engaging in four 20-minute segments every 30 days for 6–12 months.


20 minutes
of one-on-one coaching


20 minutes
of interactive online learning  


20 minutes
of self-directed learning


20 minutes
of reflection to monitor and measure progress 


Every 30 days
For a six- or twelve-month period, and can be easily extended if needed

For everyone in the organization

Navigate new and different with executive coaching designed to bring out the best in anyone in an organization, not just senior management and those in leadership development. four20/30 is for everyone — in all titles, positions, roles, experiences, stages of life/career.

And at a fraction of the cost of traditional executive coaching — 40–70% less.

Why four20/30

Thrive in our "new and different" work life

When COVID-19 came to our work world, it became obvious that most companies and people had to do three things:
1. Cut costs early
2. Be creative and innovative
3. Take good care … of yourself and the people in your organization

Adopting these behaviours allows for personal power, resilience and perseverance to pivot, be agile, flexible and ready for new and different and aligns to achieving the three recommendations above.

"The four20/30 program has been a fantastic introduction to having a professional coach and an excellent tool in my career development. Like many, my day-to-day work routine changed drastically overnight in late March. I find myself looking forward to the upcoming seminars and one-on-one meetings in my calendar, knowing that they give me a different perspective or added consideration to bring forward into my week. I feel like I’m well on the way to achieving my immediate professional goals and have also found the lessons relevant to other areas of my life and career. Thank you Teresa, your guidance has been a bright light in 2020!"
— Alyson, Wine Sales Professional, Wine Industries 


It is for everyone in the organization in any role and at any stage of their life/career. Traditional executive coaching is most often provided to senior management and those in leadership development. Coaching is typically one to two years in length, meeting every three weeks or so. These programs are extremely effective and also a little costly. 

With decreased budgets and increased need for support to all staff, four20/30’s highly structured process, yet complete flexiblity and customization to each individual, addresses organizations’ ability to support growth in everyone in the company. The program’s fees are 40–70% less than traditional coaching. 

The structure of the coaching conversation is not different. Some of the features and add-ons are different.

Anyone — in all titles, positions, roles, experiences and stages of life/career benefit from this process. It is designed for anyone who wants/needs a change.

Become the very best you can be! The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

There could be any number of reasons:
• I want to prepare for a new role
• I have a skill I want to improve
• I have a challenge that I really want to accomplish, and I need help creating the way to do that
• I want a new challenge at work, not sure what that might be or how I set myself up to get it
•I want to create my five-year work/life plan
• I feel stuck (in my job, my career, relationship with boss or important colleagues) and want to move forward
• I want more options to explore in order to be ready for … (a role I know is coming up in the company I work for, when my boss retires, entering a new industry)
• My work/life integration is not working
• I’m not in the right job and I need a plan to get a better one
• I have a lousy working relationship with my boss
• I’m maxed out at work. How can I say “no” to my boss and still be seen as a high potential and ready for new challenges?
• Etc. there is no limit to the number of reasons to partner with a coach

• You have to want to change — something new or different. The saying goes, “if you want something new or different, you must be prepared to do something new or different.” Bottom line: expect to change some behaviours in order to achieve new results.
• The foundation of coaching is being asked questions that you answer to help you create a solution for your change — prepare to answer questions, perhaps some tough ones, facing truths that get you to where you want to go.
• Use your strengths and gifts
• Address your blind spots, assumptions and judgments
• Prepare to challenge your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, and develop new ones to help you achieve your success
• Use humour and self-care to help you manage fear and the hard bits along the way
• Change the plan along the way when it makes sense to do so

• Faith in your ability to do what you set out to do
• Complete dedication to your plan
• Structure to the conversation
• Stories and experiences
• Humour and fun
• Complete anonymity — your conversation never goes beyond the two of us (even when your company pays for the program)
• Professional qualifications adhering to the International Coaching Federation ethics, competencies and standards
• Up-to-date market/industry/economic conditions impacting our work world

Yes. Teresa has about 15 assessment to draw from. The ones that are used most often by clients are Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®, Step I and II, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™ and Benchmarks® (a 360 assessment). All assessments are priced individually and can be added into the coaching partnership.

The pivot questions in the conversation often include:
1. Determine the focus of the call — what’s the issue you want to explore today?
2. What makes this important for you right now?
3. What do you need most from me today?
4. What are the options in front of you?
5. What will you implement to move your issue forward?
6. What does implementation look like?
7. How will you keep yourself accountable?

Absolutely! Many high performing teams often commit to developing a specific competency to help enhance their overall performance. For example, a sales team may commit to enhancing their “authentic presence” with customers. Since each team member’s level of competency is unique, this program is an excellent way for each team member to develop in a way that best suits their current skill level and develop from that point. Another example, a leadership team may all commit to managing their time better — the “best time management plan” is different for everyone and this program helps each individual to create a plan that best suits their style and strengths.

"Teresa takes a refreshing approach to professional coaching that is supportive, motivating, inspiring, and collaborative. Each virtual meeting is unique and powerful in their own way, be it individually, or in a group setting. She uses insightful theory that can easily be applied to my daily life, work and personal, and many tips and tricks that have influenced my positive way of thinking. The learning is interactive and collaborative, and has given me the tools to work through challenges that go beyond our coaching sessions. Teresa offers a breadth of knowledge and refreshing perspective that is invaluable in personal and professional life."
— Shannon, Brand Manager, Automobile Sales

Let’s get started

What is the process?

Contact me, Teresa, and let’s talk. You can ask any questions you may have before we begin our work together and determine how four20/30 can benefit you, your team and your organization.